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Cycling in Holland!!!

This page is about our week's holiday in Holland in mid September 2003.
 We stayed 4km from the coast at Duinrell Theme park, Wassenaar, about 45km from Amsterdam. For this trip though, We hired bikes from Duinrell Theme park, Nothing against the Dutch as they are very nice people, but they do need a few lessons in bike designs. To us British, with our dogs dangly bits 27 speed, Hydraulic front and rear Disc brakes, Alloy frame & suspension MTB's and the rest, meanwhile the Dutch folk commonly ride around on sit up and beg single speed bikes with a pedal backwards rear brake, and nobody told me that, as I went to free wheel and start to pedal backwards therefore doing the largest skid you've ever seen and wondering what the hell was happening. The thing we did notice is, that there are very few racers or mountain bikes to be seen in Holland

Cycle routes in Holland  
Holland's cycle network is really something else, they are nothing less than excellent, even in built up areas, cycle routes are a good distance away from traffic having special bike/moped lanes separated from the main traffic by a verge. The Dutch are a cycling nation, people of all ages even oap's  regularly cycle. There are literary cyclists everywhere. We cycled it to the beach, on the proper cycle route which takes you right through the sand dunes for a couple of kilometres or so. when we arrived at the beach we couldn't believe the amount of cycles parked up in cycle parking and against the fences, you could easily say there were more cycles than cars in the car park                           


 Being used to our own mountain bikes, the hire bikes did feel very strange and uncomfortable to ride for us, mainly because of the riding position and the seats that are as big as a king size beds. Other than that, we did quite enjoy cycling in Holland and we would recommend it to anyone thinking of cycle touring or even as we did just cycling around the local area near to the town where we was staying to see the local sights. Moral of this story, If you can, take your own bike you wont regret it. I wish I had done. All in all Holland is a great place and is well worth a visit