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 Off Road 'Rail Trails' & Cycle Routes

Off Road Cycling guide to converted Railways & Trails in Derbyshire &  Nottinghamshire and beyond!!

Silverhill Trail, Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border

Left to right, Left - Trail Map (pdf). middle - late August 2008 at Five pits junction, right July 2009 Blackwell/Westhouses Start of trail.
click on images for larger view
From Gloves Lane, Blackwell to Teversal Visitors Centre (part N.C.N. route 67)

This is my local trail, and has to be one of my favourites,. approx a 4 mile trail but is a major gateway link to other trails and footpaths best of all is just a 3 mile ride from my house.  According to Sustrans, part of the Silverhill Trail (Gloves Lane, Blackwell up to the junction of the Five Pits trail and including the Five pits trail) is part of the National Cycle Network Route 67, although no NCN route numbers along the Silverhill trail or Five Pits trail which is rather strange. I have used the Silverhill trail on many occasions throughout the summer and winter, as part of my usual circuit, and also as usual I do it the hard way around, starting from Gloves Lane Blackwell end as it is only 3 miles from my house, The "All Weather" trail is very good, and very wide, best of all links with quite a few other trails as stated earlier. have been using the trail over the winter period (Dec 2008 - March 2009) and is very easy riding on the surface and quite firm, a few soft patches but nothing to worry about.

Left to right (August 2008) Start/End of trail at Blackwell, Just a few of the bridges along the way, Teversal and Brierley park branch link, one of the few corners in the whole trail nr. teversal

Silverhill Trail and access points
I will list the main access points that I can remember, The Silverhill Trail stretches 4 miles from an old level crossing in on a recently dismantled railway and my start point runs East to West From Derbyshire to Nottinghamshire. I now have a fully interactive map below pan around allowing you to follow the route of the Silverhill also allowing you to zoom in or out

Blackwell & Westhouses (Gloves Lane, off Alfreton Rd) near Alfreton, Derbyshire (No car parks) Note: Gloves Lane is accessible from either Alftreton Road Blackwell or Alfreton Road Westhouses. This is my access point for the start of the trail on Gloves lane, Gloves lane used to be a narrow single track road for traffic, and was shut off to traffic in the late 1990's just past the houses in Blackwell, and the closed part of the road converted to a public footpath, Gloves lane footpath is the direct access to the Silverhill trail and where they meet is on the old level crossing, the railway tracks still exist on the actual level crossing, this is the start/end point of the trail. The Silverhill trail from this point is one long but very slight uphill climb until the signals at Woodend, although the Silverhill trail looks flat the difference in altitude is approx 230ft, Gloves lane being the lowest point and the signals at Woodend being the highest point. 

This is a fully interactive map, move around and follow the Silverhill Trail, also zoom in or out

Newton & Tibshelf. Tibshelf & Newton access meet up at the Silverhill trail at the same point. Newton has 2 minor trail access points (No Car parks) via foot paths, the newest one is opposite Smith's Scrap yard (incidentally smithy's Scrap yard is the former railway station on Newton Rd, the station building's future is uncertain as the site is currently up for sale for redevelopment) although is a very steep climb up the railway embankment, the bridge over the Newton road is the Silverhill trail. The other footpath entrance is between 26-32 Main st. Newton and is sign posted, this footpath joins the Silverhill trail directly opposite the main five pits trail entrance 
Tibshelf has 2 major access points via Tibshelf Ponds and the Five Pits Trail the most used point being Five pits trail, Tibshelf has a car park off Sunny bank at Tibshelf ponds/Five pits trail. Tibshelf & Newton access' meet up at the Silverhill trail at the same point, Tibshelf being north side of the Silverhill trail (on your left if coming from Blackwell on the Silverhill trail) and Newton on the south side of the Silverhill trail. Continuing on along the Silverhill trail you will soon come to and pass under a very tall bridge almost like a viaduct running over the top of the trail in which Newton wood lane runs over it. Very shortly after you will also pass under the M1 motorway. 
Woodend inn, nr Huthwaite A few minutes after passing under the M1 you will come to a railway signals just before a bridge running over the trail, the bridge is Chesterfield road nr Huthwaite and the Woodend inn next to this bridge, although the inn is not visible from the trail the minor access point is here up the steep footpath on the embankment to Chesterfield road. The Railway signals are significant to the fact that they mark the border between Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, and I seem to recall it being the halfway mark of the trail, and is the highest point of the trail, generally from this point it is more or less down hill to Teversal.
Brierley Forest Link This is also one of the major access points of the trail, entering Nottinghamshire on the trail you will soon come to a big fork in the trail, the left fork carries on along the Silverhill trail and the right fork is the Brierley Forest link trail taking you to Stanton hill and backend of the Brierley Forest park at Huthwaite.
Tibshelf Wharf, (nr Teversal) Shortly after the Brierley link fork is a track leading off to your left to a public bridleway to Wild Hill at Tibshelf Wharf, nr Teversal.
 Teversal Manor. As you approach Teversal you will ride on a bridge taking you over the top of Fackley Rd in Teversal, Fackley Rd has a major access point onto the Silverhill trail at the point know as Teversal Manor on the trail.
Teversal Visitors Centre As the Silverhill trail comes to an end at Teversal it goes off in a number of directions at a staggered crossroads part of the trail... you can either......
Turn left takes you onto a short steep footpath to Pleasley Rd Teversal,
or, turn right and immediately turn left (in effect straight on) takes you to the last remaining 100 yards of the Silverhill trail where it then forks off. left fork onto the Silverhill woods on the site of the Silverhill Pit, right fork Teversal tracks to Pleasley.
or, Turn right then go through the gate in front of you, this is the Skegby link trail and immediately to your right down a short path to the Teversal Visitor Centre at Carnarvon St Teversal (off Fackley Rd)

General Trail information
The Silverhill Trail is a cross-county "multi user" trail tracing a former railway line that was built and opened in May 2007. Walkers, joggers, cyclists and horse-riders can all use the route which also has disabled access. with £32,000 funding from Derbyshire County Council. The trail originally cost £637,000 to build (and now the total cost has since escalated with improvements/essential repairs since opening) and reclaimed two hectares of derelict land – roughly the same size as three football pitches. It provides a missing link between existing trails in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire creating around 22 miles of trails with links to Five Pits Trail in Derbyshire, Teversal & Skegby Tracks in Nottinghamshire and the also branches off for the Brierley forest park in Huthwaite.

, centre left - Five pits Junction December 2008, right 2- snow trail February 2009,

Changes to the Silverhill Trail.
New "Teversal Manor" Railway Platform Memorial August 2009 (Teversal.)
Having been a while since I last rode up to Teversal on the Silverhill Trail I was surprised to see a brand new addition along the route, A new (scaled down) railway platform with an old fashioned style street lamp and a wooden bench in memory of Louis Zelickman who was the station master from 1946 to 1963, I presume it is on the site of an old station platform as some of the old brickwork foundations still exist.

Silverhill Trail Silverhill Trail Silverhill Trail Silverhill Trail
Left to right, Teversal Manor railway Platform memorial taken August 2009

Article from website - A station master who devoted 62 years of his life to Teversal Manor Station, near Sutton in Ashfield, had a memorial bench dedicated to him on the station platform by friends and family on Tuesday 28 July 2009. The unveiling of the bench took place at Teversal Manor Station Hertitage Works (formerly known as Teversal Manor Station), off Carnarvon Street in Teversal. This was during celebrations to mark the completion of improvement works to develop the Ashfield to Bolsover Trails which surround the former station. Station Master Louis Zelickman died last year aged 86. He worked at Teversal Manor Station in Sutton in Ashfield for 17 years, from 1946 to 1963 – the year it closed – and continued to live in the station master’s old station house, located nearby. After his job as station master, he continued to take a keen interest in the development of the Ashfield to Bolsover trails and development of the old station site. Attending the ceremony was his sister Olga Knight and her son Paul Knight, who both unveiled a memorial bench on a section of platform which has been recently recreated. The bench bears the inscription “In memory of Louis Zelickman – Station Master from 1946 to 1963”.

Demolition of Bridge, Winter 2008/9 (Blackwell to Five pits Junction Section.)
Late 2008 saw the demolition of a small bridge between Westhouses and Tibshelf, the bridge went under the trail, and was just a passage for a farmer between 2 fields either side of the trail, the trail now dips down now the bridge has gone (Pic lower Left). I. July 2009 saw top soiling of the sides of the trail where the old bridge had been demolished, also a 2008 year date stamped lump of rock has been put at the side of the trail where the bridge has been demolished. July 2010 and the verges have fully grown back

Silverhill Trail
left pic- old bridge demolished pic taken December 2008. middle pic same spot of demolished bridge pic taken July 2010

Silverhill Wood
Silverhill wood, Directly off the Silverhill Trail, I have now done a separate page for Silverhill wood Click Here

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