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Silverhill Wood, Teversal in North Notts.

(Directly off the Silverhill Trail & Teversal Visitors Centre)

Silverhill wood consists of several circular trail routes around the site of 2 old pits, the old Teversal  (closed 1980) & Silverhill Pits (closed 1992), with direct access off the Silverhill trail at Teversal, Silverhill woods was formally known as part of the Teversal trails network, and appears to be have been renamed at some point. Silverhill woods has a bronze statue of a miner on top of a hill which boasts to be the highest point in Nottinghamshire believed to be 636ft above sea level. This hill is not natural as nature intended but an old spoil heap on the site of the Silverhill Colliery which was landscaped after the pit closed and then immediately demolished and landscaping began straight away.

Silverhill Woods the site of Teversal Pit now two Ponds (middle pic) . Right, Marking the site of the Silverhill Pit pics taken July 2010

The main feature of the Silverhill Woods is for almost everyone including myself is the short but very steep path up to the "Testing for Gas" bronze statue of a miner at its peak, which marks the highest point in Notts with a full 360 degrees of panoramic views. The statue was put up there in 2005 and cost 50,000 to memorial to all the miners and all the collieries in the area, all the pits are listed on a plaque on the statues rock base.
Silverhill Woods miner & highest point in Notts. Left, Start of the steep climb.  Middle, yep it's steep, Right, The last but steepest section of climb up to Statue (pics July 2010)

The elevation of the climb from the base of the hill up to the statue is 200ft, over a distance of 0.3 mile (0.5km), the first part of the climb is very steep and to add insult to injury it has fence with a narrow  gap just wide enough to squeeze your bike through, this fence was put up in summer 2009 to A) stop horse riders and motorcycles wrecking the trail surface as it is too steep and B) to slow us cyclists down on the decent. After the fence the track then has concrete speed humps which serves two purposes, A) the obvious to slow us cyclists down, B) the main purpose of them is to redirect the rain water running down the trail surface to the edges to try and stop erosion of the trail surface from being washed away. the climb does start to get less steep around half way then you see a path fork off to your left, take the left path to take you to the miner statue, this path is also very steep and the statue is now in sight. This last section of path has started to erode from rain water running down so it is a slightly harder to cycle up with very minor ruts.

Silverhill Miner Satue Silverhill Miner Satue Silverhill Miner Satue
Pics Bronze Miner Statue - Silverhill Woods the highest point in Notts. Left & middle pics taken July 2010, Right pic August 2009


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