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 Off Road 'Rail Trails' & Cycle Routes

Off Road Cycling guide to converted Railways & Trails in Derbyshire &  Nottinghamshire and beyond!!

The Cinder Track, a coastal trail along the former Scarborough to Whitby railway Line

Picturesque Views

The Cinder Track is a converted railway trail of around 21 miles or so long and is by no means flat, but very picturesque with stunning sea views. From 1885 until its closure in 1965 the old railway line from Scarborough to Whitby took goods and passengers up and down the North Yorkshire coast. It now forms 21 miles (34.4 kms) of Route 1 of the National Cycle Network

The Cinder track gets its name from what the track is made of... Cinder, a by-product of Coal that has burned or partly burned coal, that is not reduced to ashes but is incapable of further combustion. cinder does crush down to dust and after you've ridden it your bike will look like it's been down a coal mine!

Picture Left, Ravenscar looking toward Robin Hoods Bay

I rode this route in June 2013 although not in one go,  but over a few days, my dog "Jax" who is a Border Terrier cross Jack Russell Terrier loves to come on a bike ride running along side me, so splitting the ride over a few days meant that Jax could get plenty of exercise without over doing it in one day. I didn't do it in order of start to finish
Day 1) Ravenscar to Robin Hoods Bay and to Ravenscar. 10 miles
Day 2) Robin Hoods Bay to Whitby and back to Robin Hoods Bay 12 miles
Day 3) Scarborough Sea life centre to Ravenscar and back to Scarborough 19 miles
As I said earlier the route is by no means flat the halfway point is also the highest point at over 600ft above sea level upon the cliffs over looking the Sea, so both sides of Ravenscar are long hills of over 4 miles long


Route Profile click images for larger view

Map Below, Scarborough Start at Sainsbury's Car Park,  This is an Interactive Map,
you can zoom in and out on this map and follow the route


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