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Off Road Cycling guide to converted Railways & Trails in Derbyshire &  Nottinghamshire and beyond!!

Five Pits Trail - Tibshelf Ponds to Grassmoor country park, Derbyshire
(Including extended loop to Williamthorpe Ponds, Holmewood)

1st & 2nd pics, Five Pits Trail at Silverhill Trail end to Tibshelf, Far right, Tibshelf end to Pilsley (pics July 2009)

The First time I cycled this it was probably the late '70s as a child and very occasionally to around early 1983, from Pilsley to Tibshelf, before it was a trail, before it was known as the Five pits trail and was just an ordinary footpath. Since it was converted into the Five Pits Trail I hadn't actually cycled it until 2009, although ridden past the access to the trail many many times while cycling on the Silverhill Trail (see interactive map below), thinking I will have to cycle it one day, I don't know why I never did until now. Anyway July 2009 I did cycle it a couple of times and took a few photos.

Left, Five Pits Trail at Locko Plantation (Lower Pilsley) Right Holmewood and Williamthorpe Ponds (pics July 2009) click pics for larger view

This 7˝ mile long Trail can be used by people who want to walk, cycle and ride a horse. Sections of the Trail have been recently resurfaced providing easy access for everyone to enjoy. The Trail has been created by reclaiming the former mineral railway lines which served the local deep collieries of Holmewood, Williamthorpe, Grassmoor, Pilsley and Tibshelf. The Great Central Railway Company opened a new line to serve these five deep collieries which were developed in the middle of the nineteenth century.
A large site map detailing the heritage, wildlife and access opportunities can be found at each of the countryside sites along the Five Pits Trail (see jpeg map here 800Kb) or (PDF).

The Five Pits Trail provides an off-road surfaced route for walkers cyclists and horse riders. The trail provides a 5˝ mile linear route from Grassmoor Country Park to Tibshelf Ponds passing through a mainly agricultural and woodland landscape. The trail can be extended to 7˝ miles, by following the route through to Williamthorpe Ponds and Holmewood Woodlands.

This is a fully interactive map, move around and follow the Five Pits Trail also zoom in or out

The Five Pits Trail was created by Derbyshire County Council between 1979 and 1989. The trail is based upon the route of the Great Central Railway which served the five main collieries of Grassmoor, Williamthorpe, Holmewood, Pilsley and Tibshelf.

Following closure of these and many other smaller pits along the railway the landscape has changed dramatically. Most of the original railway line was removed and parts of the land were opencast. Today the Five Pits Trail follows the approximate route of the original railway.

These landscape changes have resulted in the trail being undulating throughout, with a number of long steep slopes. Trail entrances are considered to be accessible for disabled people but surface conditions and the steep and undulating terrain may limit people’s access to some sections.

Car Parks
Tibshelf (Tibshelf Ponds)
Sunny Bank
Pilsley (Nr Chesterfield)
Hardstoft Road
Broomridding Wood (Nr Astwith) Timber Road
Heath (Williamthorpe Ponds) Mansfield road
Holmewood Heath Road
Grassmoor (Country Park) Birkin Road

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