Phoenix Greeways
 On Former Railway Routes
(Phoenix Greenway Routes)

 Brierley Forest Park Park
Blackwell Trail
 Five Pits Trail  67  
 Silverhill Trail  67  
Silverhill Wood

Teversal, Pleasley,Skegby
 & Rowthorn Trails

All the above trails interlink
  Derbyshire / Notts Border

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  On Former Railway Routes

 High Peak Trail  54
Nutbrook Trail (Shipley)  67
 Ripley Greenway
 Longdendale Trail  62   68
 The Cinder Track  1
 Monsal Trail  608
Peak District
Manifold Trail

WaterSide Cycle Routes
Canal Tow Paths & Reservoir Routes

Nutbrook Trail (Long Eaton) 67

 Longdendale Trail  62   68
 Carsington Water

 Rutland Water

     ... & other rides !
 A couple rides in the forest or roads

th Normanton to Skegness

 Sherwood Pines
 Dalby Forest
 Wassenaar, Holland

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 Off Road 'Rail Trails' & Cycle Routes

Off Road Cycling guide to converted Railway Tracks & Trails in Derbyshire &  Nottinghamshire and beyond!

Silverhill/five pits trail
s Junction. Tibshelf Derbyshire (Pic May '13)
Part of National Cycle Network Route 67

Dave's MTB Cycle Trails Site.
Welcome to my Web site for my hobby cycling (obviously) and cycling routes in and around the East Derbyshire and North Nottinghamshire. Cycle trails web site is aimed mainly at ordinary every day folk wanting a leisurely traffic free ride out and family friendly easily accessible routes around the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire countryside. There are some great routes to ride and there has been a massive investment made on our local trails building new ones on old railway routes and Improving and resurfacing older ones over the last 5 years 

Me & My Bike Update 15th October '21
  On the16th July 2021 I had a bi accident on my road bike hitting a lump of melted tarmac which threw me off the bike and hitting the tarmac hard, breaking my jaw, breaking my back in two places, one being a bad wedge fracture, broken ribs, and also losing 5 teeth. 12th October I managed a 6 mile Zwift ride on my Turbo Trainer.

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 I will try and update some of the older rides this year that I've done over the years taking some new pictures.
 I Love to ride the old disused railway routes that have been converted to cycle routes, riding along routes that 100 years earlier had been used by steam trains of the bygone era, although 1000's of miles of railways were axed back in the 1960's with Mr Beeching and in 1990's from the pit closures the mineral railways that carried coal, as cyclists, we have ended up some excellent routes to cycle on, there has never been a better time to cycle off roads, I will be adding more "rail trails" and off road NCN routes to the menu in due course so keep checking for updates

2003 - 2021: 18th Anniversary of this Web site
It's hard to believe it's been 18 years since I started this web site, over the years I've had some great feedback from emails from local people and from further afield and abroad. Mostly from ordinary family people who would like to cycle easy off road routes, I say ordinary as to the fact they are not hardened cyclists like the Bradley Wiggins types. Families who like safe traffic free riding in the countryside with no nasty surprises ridden on any sort of bike be it a 99 bike or a bike worth 1000's. There is nothing wrong in starting out with a cheap bike to see if you are going to take to it, there are many people who buy an expensive bike, ride it a few times and never ride again, start cheap then if you like it buy a better one. On the other hand as with anything you get what you pay for, If you are serious about cycling buy the best you can afford. My bike has evolved over the years, buying upgrades as and when funds allowed, this way of upgrading your old is easier on the pocket than shelling out on a new bike.


Introduction to Dave's Cycle Trails Site
 July 2017, makes me 47 years young, and hopefully not too unfit, although the old waistline is ever expanding! I returned to cycling at the age of 30 in 2000 after giving up cycling at
18, I was a keen cyclist all through my childhood and teens (My Dad always encouraged me to cycle back then, and he even takes a keen interest in cycling to this very day), then I grew up, motorbikes, cars, beer, fags and way too many late nights took there toll by my mid twenties, Then you get married etc. Then the kids get to an age were they want to go bike rides, you think to yourself, oh my god! can I even ride a bike anymore and more so, am I even fit enough and do they make a bike strong enough to take my weight? (Lets just say I'm a bit on the large side!), Kids ehh!!!....

So in September 2000 we took the plunge, I bought a couple of cheap n nasty mountain bikes each for me and the wife after the kids nagging about going bike rides, I decided I would give up smoking and off we pedalled (cough, Hey, gasp, errr, wait for me you lot). We started just by going a couple of miles around the town were we live. We also started to find rights of ways and local trails on our travels. Then getting braver going further a field, bike rack on the car and off to proper cycle trails.
I started this web site early in 2003, mainly because I couldn't find virtually nothing at all at all on the internet for the east midlands and because I like to build websites in my spare time, and I also wanted to do a cycling website, and maybe someone else might even want to look at it!
  As I used to cycle as mostly a family group with the wife and kids when they were at school, I like to cycle off road traffic free cycle trails,  this web site is for such routes. If you are new to cycling or looking for new routes to try, this site gives brief description of cycle routes. These off road routes are for families or people wanting no traffic which means there's no chance of being splattered by some young boy racer driving his barely (if at all) legal Vauxhall Corsa.

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My Giant XtC4 page click hereRoutes in Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire
The amount of off road cycling available in these two counties is getting better and better, especially with the National Cycle Network building 12,000miles of cycle routes (on and off road) and Forestry commission building trails in woods and forests, along with local authorities reclaiming former pits and open cast sites turning them into small country parks with visitor centres with quite a few miles of trails which are hugely popular, and also former railway lines turned into cycle trails. Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire has really become committed to cycling on and off road over the last several years and has routes all over.

Cycle Trails on your own doorstep!!
There are quite a few trails appearing all over the place, some may be only 2 or 3 miles long but you will often find them within minutes of your own home surprisingly enough, and you probably have not even realised that they are there. Some are part of existing public footpaths that have been there since the year dot, and have sections of them turned into trails. 
Cycles and rights of way!!
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